About bitVelocity

What We Do and How We Got Started


With bitVelocity You'll Get Higher Rankings and Visibility in Search Engines

bitVelocity is unique, we manage cloud hosting, security, design and marketing because each of these components must work well  together to succeed online. We have over two decades of experience in managing websites that get results.  It takes a team of experts to optimize and market a website properly.

About bitVelocity

Why bitVelocity Is Your Best Digital Marketing Option

Our founders have helped businesses sell more than $500 million of software, products and services and we’ve helped
some of the largest companies in the world scale their operations to millions of visitors per month.

About bitVelocity

We've developed proprietary digital marketing intelligence systems that give our clients a sustainable advantage over their competitors.

About bitVelocity

We engineer solutions with a single goal in mind, we're obsessively focused on helping you grow your business and compete online.

About bitVelocity

bitVelocity services come complete with a targeted SEO package to boost your search engine rankings, drive traffic and get more customers.

About bitVelocity

We leverage Amazon AWS, CloudFlare and Assistable Solutions platforms to give our clients a distinct online advantage.

About bitVelocity

We Focus On Client Success And Accelerating Growth

We provide marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media. We work with you, not for you.

A Strong Foundation

Cheap hosting is a mistake, and it will fail when your traffic spikes.  bitVelocity hosting is built upon a rock solid, scalable foundation.

Experienced Leadership

Our founders have helped businesses sell more than $500 million of software, products and services. Experience that benefits our clients.

Deep Marketing Expertise

No matter what business you’re in it just won’t grow without great marketing, and that’s where bitVelocity shines.

Strong Partnerships

Our Platinum Partnership with Assistable allows us to quickly deploy Skilled Assistants on-demand for bitVelocity clients.


21 Years Online Sales & Marketing Experience

September 1994

Our Founder Began Selling Online

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Sculthorpe began selling security software and services online from a spare room in 1994.  There were no shopping carts back then!  Adam took credit card orders through a form he created on a website that sent an encrypted email order, the credit card was processed offline using a bank credit card terminal in Adam’s spare room.

June 1997

Personal Firewalls

Our sister company was an online and offline distributor for personal firewall solutions that were acquired by McAfee and incorporated into their advanced Antivirus solutions.  McAfee was later acquired by Intel’s software and services group for approximately $7.68 billion in 2010.

March 1998

Linux Distributor

We became one of the largest Linux distributors in the world, promoting several distributions and running high-bandwidth mirrors enabling people to download them online.  We also marketed Linux distro’s and Security Software via CD’s attached to popular computer magazines and in stores.

May 1999

The First Secure VPN

We developed the first SVPN in 1994 and deployed the first truly Secure VPN for a major financial institution in the UK in 1999, the idea for the VPN’s authentication protocol came from our Co-Founder, Adam Sculthorpe’s experience as a signals specialist in the British Army’s Royal Anglian regiment, where he used BATCO to communicate securely over radio.

October 1999

Web Hosting & Design

We publicly began offering web design, server co-location and hosting services in 1999, although we’d created many prior to that for friends and family.  Since then our hosting solutions have reliably served billions of visitors around the world and we’ve helped many well-known brand names scale.

January 2005

Solving Click Fraud

One of our Co-Founder’s businesses, Clickrisk became well-known for developing software tools and services to help prevent billions of dollars in losses for online advertising clients of Google, AOL and Yahoo.  Our founder’s research was featured in the global tech and business press, television and radio.  Shortly after the press coverage a class-action law suit forced Google, AOL and Yahoo to address critical click fraud issues.

October 2014

bitVelocity Acquired

The U.S. based bitVelocity brand, intellectual property and assets were acquired in October 2014 by Arador Corporation, a Canadian company.

July 2019

The New bitVelocity

Our parent company improved the bitVelocity technology and relaunched the bitVelocity website in partnership with Assistable, supplier of U.S. based remote workers, branded as Skilled Assistants for Entrepreneurs, Agents, Advisors and Small Business owners.

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About bitVelocity

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