bitVelocity Pivoted, Partnered with Assistable to Grow U.S. Based Remote Working

Since Arador acquired bitVelocity we’ve been servicing bitVelocity clients under the Arador brand, but we’ve decided to relaunch the bitVelocity website under its own name again.

Announcing the bitVelocity and Assistable Partnership

As of July 4, 2019 bitVelocity will be the primary provider of cloud services and technical support for Assistable and it’s Skilled Assistants.  This relationship will strengthen the capabilities of both parties.

Assistable is now recruiting U.S. and Canada based remote workers and bitVelocity will deploy some of these resources to provide search ranking services.

bitVelocity will help grow Assistable’s U.S. based remote workforce.

What will bitVelocity focus on?

Since bitVelocity launched in 2011 we have focused on developing high-performance cloud solutions that leverage the capabilities of Amazon AWS, we intend to continue along this path and add two more categories of services that used to be provided by Arador.

The two additional categories are:

Search Ranking and Special Projects

We’ve added four monthly subscription search ranking services to our price plans and four fixed-price special projects solutions that were popular with Arador clients, additional categories will be added next year.


What about existing customers?

All of Arador’s hosting and marketing clients will now be serviced by bitVelocity as of July 4, 2019.  No clients will be adversely affected by this change, it’s simply a change of branding.


Focusing on our Strengths

Our strengths are our people, and the decades of experience in selling products and services online.  We will continue to pass this experience onto our clients and narrowly focus on helping them grow their businesses.

We look forward to serving you under the bitVelocity banner.